PADI Discover® Scuba Diving

PADI Discover® Scuba Diving Course - Isla Mujeres - 85$/pp

PADI Discover® Scuba Diving Course – Isla Mujeres – 85$/pp

PADI Discover® Scuba Diving Course

COST 85$/ Person :: Includes 2 Tank Dive & Equipment 

This great introductory course is perfect for beginners and those who have never scuba dived before.  With the PADI discover® scuba diving you will learn the basics in scuba diving and watch a short introductory video.  Once you have watched the video on scuba diving (approximately 30min) you will then make your way to the beach at Playa Norte to practice some of the skills before heading out on the boat. PADI Discover® Scuba Diving Course is perfect for those 10yrs and older, and is a great way to discover whether or not scuba diving is for you.

What will I learn in the PADI Discover® Scuba Diving Course?

Under the direct supervision of a PADI instructor, you will be taught the basic skills and safety guidelines that will prepare you for your first dive experience.  Along with learning these basic skills needed for your first open water dive, you will get to know the scuba diving equipment that you will be using.   Your PADI instructor will make sure that you are comfortable with basic diving skills before allowing you to experience the open water.  You will first have to learn how to breathe underwater through your regulator, next you will be tested on being able to gather the regulator should it be removed from your mouth, you will also be taught how to remove water from your mask underwater and finally some basic hand signals.

Your PADI instructor will make sure that you are comfortable with all these skills before allowing you to partake in your first dive experience.  Should they feel that you are not ready, they hold the right to refuse you to dive.  Most people have no problems with passing these skills, allowing them to enjoy their first open water dive experience!

Once these skills are passed, you will head out to the boat with your equipment and make your way to the first dive spot.  The first spot on the PADI discover® scuba diving  is the Underwater Museum located between Isla Mujeres and Cancun.  This unique spot reaches depths of about 25ft which is perfect for beginners.  When the boat has reached the destination, you will be instructed on how to properly exit the boat.  Your PADI instructor will guide you through this process and once everyone has descended from the boat, you will wait for your PADI instructor to give the go ahead before being allowed to descend.

For those who have never been scuba diving before, there can be a sense of panic in this situation, and a form of claustrophobia might take over.  Remember that you are safe, and your instructor is there to help and guide you.  Should you feel uncomfortable at all, let your instructor know.

Once you are underwater, remember the skills that you have been taught, and enjoy yourself!  What is great about the PADI discover® scuba diving excursion is that your instructor will always be checking your air gauge, ensuring that you can relax and take in the underwater world.

After you experience the Underwater Museum, your PADI instructor will signal that it is time to ascend.  You will then make your way back onto the boat and head off to your second destination!

With one dive under your belt, the second dive becomes easier, and your newly found passion for scuba diving is awakened.  Now it is time to look into your

PADI Open Water® Scuba Diving Course

PADI Discover® Scuba Diving!