Reef Diving in Isla Mujeres

Reef Scuba Diving in Isla Mujeres

Reef Scuba Diving in Isla Mujeres

Reef Diving in Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is home to the second longest reef in the world, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (Great Mayan Reef), and it is because of this that many scuba divers flock to the region every year to view this underwater wonder. The reefs off the coast of Isla Mujeres offer a diversity that is sure to please every level of scuba diver. There are many different scuba diving package options that will allow you to enjoy many of these reefs.

Scuba Diving Reefs in Isla Mujeres

Manchones Reef Diving, Isla Mujeres
Manchones reef is one of the most popular of the reefs for scuba divers. This reef system spans approximately 800 meters and is home to many different species of aquatic life. The location of this reef closer to the island of Isla Mujeres, makes it easy to get to and is often combined with another dive, allowing you to enjoy two dive spots in the same day. The Manchones reef gets its name from the visual effect it creates from those looking down on it from the air. The reef is visible through the water and creates a patchy effect on the crystal turquoise waters. Manchones in Spanish means patch. The species that can be seen here vary all the time, but do not be surprised if you encounter Sea Turtles, Barracudas, Eels and more. The depths here make it ideal for beginners as it reaches a maximum of around 40ft. Also located at the Manchones reef is the Cruz de La Bahia, or Cross of the Bay. This cross sculpture was placed in the waters back in 1997 as an homage to those who have lost their lives at sea.

Bandera Reef Diving, Isla Mujeres

The Bandera Reef is another popular reef system perfect for intermediate scuba divers.  The Bandera Reef offers complex dive as the reef itself is topped with elk horn coral and can be complicated to navigate for those less experienced.  There is also a strong current at the Bandera Reef and is perfect for Drift Diving.  The Bandera Reef reaches depths of approximately 40 ft and the aquatic species and fish you will find here range from Barracudas, crabs, lobsters, angel fish and eels.

Tavos Reef Diving, Isla Mujeres

The Tavos Reef off of Isla Mujeres is a perfect spot for those seeking a chance to encounter grey and white tip reef sharks.  Greyand white tip reef sharks are social preditors, and you can often see more than one at a time.  Although they are more active during the night hours, it isn’t uncommon to see these sharks congregating at the Tavos Reef.  Grey and white tip sharks although curious are rarely aggressive towards humans.   The Tavos reef is comprised of many limestone formations that makes it somewhat of an obstacle course and is meant for scuba divers who are comfortable navigating through these structures.  The depths of the Tavos Reef reaches to approximately 35 ft.

Media Luna Reef Diving, Isla Mujeres

The Media Luna Reef is located on the Caribbean side of Isla Mujeres and reaches a depth of approximately 35-40 ft.  The Media Luna Reef in Isla Mujeres is comprised of arches and ledges that are home to many different underwater species such as sea urchins, sea anemone, langosta and more.

Atlantis Reef Diving, Isla Mujeres

The Atlantis Reef in Isla Mujeres is a perfect reef for beginner scuba divers as the depths here reach less than 30 ft.  As well, the Atlantis Reef provides a great opportunity to see many different species of aquatic life from sea turtles, barracudas and even a shark!  The calm waters makes this spot an ideal scuba diving reef for any level of scuba diver.

El Dormitorio Reef Diving, Isla Mujeres

The El Dormitorio Reef is located at a 10 min boat ride from the island of Isla Mujeres and reaches depths of approximately 40 ft.  This reef is comprised of wall corals with caves and arches.  There is a chance to see rays, as well as other underwater species.

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